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SISTERS (DUET) from "Mary Shelley and Her Frankenstein"

by Shirley R. Barasch



Sisters, we have been like sisters

So very like sisters are we

More than that, you truly have been my one and only friend

Truly, I've been your friend. Loyal to the end

Sharing everything together

sharing together

Whispering in the dark and sneaking down the stairs

And listening at the door

O, what tales we've heard

We must always stick together; writing in our journals

Each little thing we do and see

We must stick together and writing in our journals each little thing we do

We are so closely bound together. Together, just as two real sisters would be.

Secrets, sharing all our secrets

Just our own

First you write in your diary

Then I will write in mine

Don't tell anyone!

Oh, what fun we had together

Making mother mad and never doing chores

And behind locked doors

She would take a fit!

I still blush from it.

Wonders soon will fall upon us and we will discover

And share as sisters often do

Out there, Adventure lies before us

I'll never ever want to leave you

I can se the future is waiting for me

My life will have a new beginning

Nothing will ever come between us

Out there I see my true love is coming for me

For we will always be as two sisters should be.

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